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Book Review: The Two-Date Rule

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

The Two-Date Rule by Tawna Fenske


Willa Frank has one simple rule: never go on a date with anyone more than twice. With her business finally providing the stability she's always needed, she can't afford distractions. Her two-date rule will protect her just fine...until she meets smokejumper Grady Billman.

After one date-one amazing, unforgettable date-Grady isn't ready to call it quits, despite his own no-attachments policy, and he's found a sneaky way around both their rules.

Throwing gutter balls with pitchers of beer? Everyone knows bowling doesn't count. Watching a band play at a local show? They just happen to have the same taste in music. Definitely not a date. Hiking? Nope. Exercise is definitely not a date.

With every "non-date" Grady suggests, Willa must admit she's having fun playing along. But when their time together costs Willa two critical clients, it's clear she needs to focus on the only thing that matters...her future.

But what is she supposed to do with a future that looks gray without Grady in it?

...even the strongest relationships go through tough stuff. The test is in how you handle it. In whether you can bend and she can bend and somewhere in the middle of all that, you form this perfect bridge.


Willa Frank is a planner to say the least while Grady not. I think the initial meeting between Willa and Grady is my favorite so far out of all the books I've read. I won't spoil it for y'all (there's my Texan coming out lol) but it definitely made me laugh a lot. The chemistry between these two was intense from the very beginning and only continues to grow with each "non-date" they have. I will admit, Willa was frustrating at times but which heroine isn't when they have an obviously good guy right in front of them but keep letting their past get in the way of their happily ever after. Don't get me wrong, Grady had his own issues to work through but he knows a good woman when he meets one and Willa is a good one. The Two-Date Rule definitely has a will they or won't they feel when it comes to these two getting their act together in time to hopefully salvage their happy ending.

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